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At Valley Equine Veterinary Centre, we have a fully equipped equine veterinary hospital located on site.

Our dedicated team are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year to provide care to sick and injured patients in our horse hospital. If your animal requires continued ongoing care and medication, including intensive care management, we have the facilities to able to provide this for you. We have indoor stables that also function as walk-in/walk-out yards as well as twelve out-door yards. All our stables and yards can be monitored with CCTV so that your horse or pony can be closely observed Our staff are available to give your animal hand walks, check bandages and administer medications safely and efficiently..

Our intensive care boxes are equipped for fluid therapy, allowing us to cater for intensive care medical patients..

Medical conditions that our patients present with can involve diseases of many different body systems such as the:

* Central nervous system

* Endocrine system (metabolic disorders)

* Immune system  * Gastrointestinal tract

* Heart  * Lungs  * Liver  * Kidneys

* Skin  * Eyes

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Conditions we commonly see in our equine hospital include colic, fever of unknown origin, Cushing’s disease, diarrhea, weight loss, poor performance, behavioural changes and respiratory diseases.

Did you know horses with medical issues could present with a range of symptoms such as, seeming generally unwell, dull and lethargic, poor appetite, performing poorly, girthy, colicky and losing weight.

Our vets are experienced and are here to help investigate any health concerns you have for your horse. Apart from performing a thorough clinical examination, we can offer several further diagnostic tests, depending on the range of symptoms present. Further investigative tests may include laboratory tests (blood tests, faecal analysis, biopsy evaluation etc), ultrasonography and endoscopy.

When one of these serious medical conditions presents our veterinarians are able to video monitor our intensive patients, the on-call veterinarian will also be available to check on your horse or pony throughout the night, so you can sleep easy knowing that your horse is in safe hands.

Our dedicated hospital nurse completes rounds every morning and afternoon, checking on our patient’s progress, administering medication as necessary and attending to the day-to-day care of your horse. Our hospital nurse will also keep you updated each day either via phone call or text message to advise of your horse’s progress. You are also welcome to visit your horse during our daily visiting hours.


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