Nutritional Plans

The general health and wellbeing of your horse or pony is important to us. We therefore value keeping you up to date with the latest in preventative health care and soundness.

We offer a full service with respect to feeding your horse and its health:

* Ration and feed analysis with reporting – using FeedXL

* Check dietary mineral, vitamin levels. Prevent under/over supplementation

* Horse Diet formulation

* Weight Management (with accurate walk on scales)

* Horse Nutrition

* Feeding plans for health issues – excitability, ulcers, irritability, laminitis, EMS, upset bowels/loose motion etc

Feeding your horse the right diet is an important part of equine care and horse nutrition is something many people worry about. With so many commercially available products on the market, it can become quite confusing as to which is the ‘best’ for feeding your horse.

At Valley Equine Veterinary Centre our head nurse Nadia has a special interest in nutrition and along with the guidance of our veterinary team Nadia enjoys spending time formulating rations that are complete and balanced, that can address health conditions, chronic disease, or to ensure optimum condition and performance.

Complete ration analysis is available for all patients whether in hospital, as a medical patient or reproductive breeding stock.

Further, in conjunction with our hospital gastroscope patients, nutrition and management assessments and plans are vital in the treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis. If you suspect your horse may be suffering from ulcers, or simply need some advice and direction as to your horses nutrition you can call the clinic on 9296 3884


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